Hit The Board 2

Addictive DICE GAME STRATEGY in which you plan to defeat your mates and opponents! 
Challenge your mates to free endless dice fun in HIT THE BOARD: FORTUNE FEVER game! And you will never get bored, not for a minute!


Frost Journey

Step inside a fairy tale where every second is an adventure!  
The Ice Queen has cast a spell upon the fairy lands, and only one girl is brave enough to stand against her. Join Lagertha on this epic journey and solve puzzles using the melting magic of match-3!



The Time of VR Cameras Is Now… Or Is It Not?

2017 was a good year for the virtual reality (VR) industry that has taken a big step towards bringing the technology to a wider consumer and “prosumer” audiences. From a big-ticket item sold mainly to film studios and IT startups, VR camera had to work its way through to the mass market to finally become something a middle class man can afford to have.

Mobile Apps You Should Be Developing in 2018

Over the last year even more companies have come to realize the true power of mobile. Mobile apps are, in fact, a key that unlocks path to bigger sales and revenues. Now mobile app development is on the rise as one of the fastest growing industry areas and you might want to know what’ll be trending in the world of mobile apps this year.