The Time of VR Cameras Is Now… Or Is It Not?

2017 was a good year for the virtual reality (VR) industry that has taken a big step towards bringing the technology to a wider consumer and “prosumer” audiences. From a big-ticket item sold mainly to film studios and IT startups, VR camera had to work its way through to the mass market to finally become something a middle class man can afford to have.

Mobile Apps You Should Be Developing in 2018

Over the last year even more companies have come to realize the true power of mobile. Mobile apps are, in fact, a key that unlocks path to bigger sales and revenues. Now mobile app development is on the rise as one of the fastest growing industry areas and you might want to know what’ll be trending in the world of mobile apps this year.

4 Pillars of Friendship Every Game Designer Must Know

For games that depend heavily on human interaction (MMOs in the first place), the relationships between players are of great importance. Sadly but most of them fail to build friendships or any kind of social positive relationships, because only few game designers use psychological insights into the art of friendship formation in making their titles.

A Few Good Networking Tips For Wallflowers

Unless you’re a natural born socialite, the imminence of networking at a gaming event might set your pulse racing. There can be different reasons for why it just doesn’t feel natural to you: a fear of talking to strangers, or feeling like a liar who hides the sell message behind a casual chit-chat. However, you won’t question the usefulness of networking for one’s business, will you? Then why not just go and try to like it?