The Time of VR Cameras Is Now… Or Is It Not?

2017 was a good year for the virtual reality (VR) industry that has taken a big step towards bringing the technology to a wider consumer and “prosumer” audiences. From a big-ticket item sold mainly to film studios and IT startups, VR camera had to work its way through to the mass market to finally become something a middle class man can afford to have.

Mobile Apps You Should Be Developing in 2018

Over the last year even more companies have come to realize the true power of mobile. Mobile apps are, in fact, a key that unlocks path to bigger sales and revenues. Now mobile app development is on the rise as one of the fastest growing industry areas and you might want to know what’ll be trending in the world of mobile apps this year.

4 Pillars of Friendship Every Game Designer Must Know

For games that depend heavily on human interaction (MMOs in the first place), the relationships between players are of great importance. Sadly but most of them fail to build friendships or any kind of social positive relationships, because only few game designers use psychological insights into the art of friendship formation in making their titles.

A Few Good Networking Tips For Wallflowers

Unless you’re a natural born socialite, the imminence of networking at a gaming event might set your pulse racing. There can be different reasons for why it just doesn’t feel natural to you: a fear of talking to strangers, or feeling like a liar who hides the sell message behind a casual chit-chat. However, you won’t question the usefulness of networking for one’s business, will you? Then why not just go and try to like it?

Why Game Metrics Matter

Without analytics, any kind of business would be same as trying to cross a high-traffic road with eyes closed. Analytics empowers game developers to get a vision of a game and its audience as a complex system with ongoing processes that can be controlled when you’ve got all necessary data.

Advice for Getting 5-Star Rated and Reviewed by Players

Word of mouth has probably been the world’s oldest means of promotion. Ratings and reviews are one of its modern prototypes used widely in the digital world to enable discovery and conversion. If you’ve ever been into ASO, you are well aware that the rating and feedback given by users has major impact on how your app or game is ranked.


Have you ever kept track of time you’re spending on social media? comScore did it for you to uncover that the average daily time across major networks in U.S. is almost 1 hour per user! YouTube and Facebook are in the lead having 40 and 35 minutes of your time every day respectively. Snapchat and Instagram follow with daily rates of 25 and 15 minutes.

Game Development From A to Z

For many, the game development process is wrapped in a mystery. For few, it seems like a book one has read a hundred times. This article is for both: it’s about the steps one has to take to create a game.

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Designing a Game

Being a game designer means huge responsibility and a lot of temptations. We’ve made a list of 7 sins that every game designer should avoid in his work and associated them with popular (or soon-to-be popular) game characters to make reading more fun.It’s hard to feel happy about other people’s success or avoid comparing your own game with legendary titles. Walk this way and you’ll end up either in complete despair over your imperfect game or get obsessed with becoming better than someone else. The gaming market is changing rapidly, and you might be the next big breakthrough. Focus on making your game great and enjoyable for players instead of making idols to worship.

Tips for Game Developers. Making Big Success on a Small Budget

Puzzle Dreams starts a series of lifehack articles for fellow developers. Our developers are skilled in all aspects of game making process and are happy to share bits of wisdom. They started working together back in 2014 (when trial project ‘Fairy Valley’ was created) and keep making games up to date.Most developer beginners are facing a problem of simply not having millions to spend on their dream game. We’re here to show that even a low budget can buy you success.

Puzzle Dreams Joins the Application Developers Alliance

The game development startup Puzzle Dreams has joined the Application Developers Alliance (ADA) - a “non-profit global membership organization that supports developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs”. It serves 200 companies (Google, Yahoo!, Intel, Blackberry among others) and more than 65,000 individual developers around the world. Puzzle Dreams is a developer that recently came to the social and mobile gaming market with its first cross-platform Bits of Sweets title. Our company is developing tile-matching games for Facebook, iOS and Android platforms.

Take a Look Behind the Scenes of the Next Game by Puzzle Dreams

With Bits of Sweets already live on two platforms and Android version coming soon, we think it’s time to start the next chapter of our story and tell about our next game that is awesome. We called this new tile-matching puzzle Amusement Park Tour and are now at the last stage of its Facebook version development. The game is set in a theme park with all kinds of attractions in it and… a swindler Basilio who steals from kids. The whole fun starts when a boy named Bobby and his pup Franklin decide to play detectives and track down the pickpocket.

New Release! Bits of Sweets Is Out on iOS, Android Coming Soon

As promised, the iOS version of match-3 puzzle game Bits of Sweets followed shortly after the launch on Facebook. Now gamers all over the world can enjoy the adventure with Cara and her brother Mel across different platforms, online and offline. Stalked by the witch the kids are matching candies to defeat her and continue exploring lollipop lands.

Puzzle Dreams Reports: DevGAMM Minsk 2015 Was A Perfect Ending of the Year

Less than a week ago the team of Puzzle Dreams took part in the fast-growing gamedev event DevGAMM in Minsk. The conference meant for developers of any size, from indie studios to industry leaders, made a giant step up this year increasing the number of annual events from 2 to 3. The Managing Director of DevGAMM Lerika Mallayeva confessed that three DevGAMMs per year was her long cherished dream, and we are happy they actually made it!

Minsk Calling! Puzzle Dreams Follows This Year's Final DevGAMM Event to Belarus

This year's third most productive gaming event better known as DevGAMM will take place in Minsk, Belarus on December 10-11. The game development studio Puzzle Dreams continues to support the conference as Gold sponsor and permanent attendee. Not only because DevGAMM contributes to overall industry development serving as a bridge where the specialists of all gaming areas can meet and mingle, but also as a partner of the current organizer Renatus.

BITS OF SWEETS Officially Launched on Facebook Today!

Great news! Today our long-awaited game kicked off on Facebook to engage hundreds of casual game fans in a wickedly sweet candy-matching adventure with two kids and one ghastly witch. Bits of Sweets is an eye candy game developed by our team entirely from scratch. Mouthwatering setting crammed with candy goes perfectly well with a story inspired by dark Grimms’ tales. Two kids, Cara and Mel, are making a perilous trip across the land of sweets. And there’s this scary witch who can eat them any moment, unless…

Puzzle Dreams Contributes to the Success of DevGAMM Hamburg 2015

What is the best way to introduce your сompany to the world? Going to a major industry event seems perfect for letting everyone know about your brand and product. When the idea popped up at one of the brainstorming sessions at Puzzle Dreams, it didn’t take them long to choose the right event. Next DevGAMM conference seemed the best option because of the venue and the role it once played in the lives of PD founders.